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How to Join

If you wish to help out your community and neighbors by joining the fire company, then you are welcome.


The Town of Binghamton Volunteer Fire Company accepts new members at each monthly meeting. These meetings generally fall on the first Monday of every month.


To become a member, follow the steps below:

  • Come to a monthly meeting, introduce yourself and fill out membership paperwork.

  • Start getting involved within your assigned station and start attending trainings

  • Attend the next monthly meeting to be voted in as a probationary member.

  • Continue to attend station and company events as well as trainings.

  • After 6 months being active, probationary membership status is reviewed and beginning at that time a probationary member may be voted in as a full member.


If you are interested in becoming a member please fill out this form and somebody from our membership committee will contact you.

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