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Proudly Serving the community for 65 years.

The Town of Binghamton Fire Company was established in 1950 to provide fire service to those who live in the Town of Binghamton. Since 1950, we have worked closely with those in the community to help others in their time of need. We are always recruiting new members who live in and around the Town of Binghamton that want to help others. Individuals looking to join must be 16 or older and must pass a department paid for physical. To find out more about becoming a member click here.

Support our Pirsch Restoration Project!



The Town of Binghamton Volunteer Fire Company has a rich history that has been evolving since 1950. To learn more about our history click the link below.



One of the best ways to help put out a fire is to teach about fire safety. The fire company is here to not only exisnguish the flames but to also teach others how to avoid these dangerous situations.



We like to provide opportunities to bring the community together. In August our Fire Company puts on a Chicken BBQ to benefit the fire company's benevolence fund. Through out the year each station hosts events to bring the commnunity together, and to open the stations to the public.

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