Squad 58
Purchased in 2004. This truck runs out of Station 3 and carries our Hydraulic tools, cribing, and our large Positive Pressure Ventalation fan.


Manufacturer: 4-Guys
Chassis: 2004 Ford F-750
Engine: Cat C7 
Pump: 1250 Darley
Tank: 500 Gallon
Misc.: Hydrualic Cutters, Spreaders, and Ram

Usage: Rescue and Water Supply

Engine 58-1 & Engine 58-2


These 2017 Toyne Engines on Freightliner Chassis are our go-to Engines. These replaced our Twin 1994 Freighliners.


Manufacturer: New Lexington

Chassis: 2016 Freightliner M2 106
Engine:  Cummins diesel
Pump: Darley LDM 1,750 GPM
Tank: 1000 gallon UPF, L-shaped
Misc.: FRC LED Brow and Scene Lighting, Zico ladder and suction hose racks.

The Town of Binghamton Fire Company utilizes 10 different Apparatus in our operations, below are details regarding each apparatus.


Tower 58
1991 Sutpen purchased from Fuller Hollow Fire Company in 20XX, this truck runs out of Station 3.


Manufacturer: 1991 Sutphen 100-ft tower
Chassis: Custom Sutphen Chassis
Engine: 475-Horsepower Detriot
Pump: 2000 GPM Hale Pump
Tank: 300 Gallon
Usage:​ Elevated Rescue, Roof, Ventilation and Master Stream Application. Equiped with Roof, Ventilation and FAST Team Equipment and Ground Ladders.

Tanker 58-1 & Tanker 58-2
Originally purchased in 1988, these trucks were refurbished in 2004.


Manufacturer: 4-Guys 
Chassis: 1988 Mack 
Engine: 350-Horsepower Mack Diesel
Pump: 450 GPM Hale
Tank: 2100 Gallon Poly Tank 
Misc.: 2100 Gallon Portable Pond, 750 GPM CET Portable Pump

Utility 58


Manufacturer: 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab 4x4 Pickup
Engine: 5.4 Liter V-8 Gas Enginer
Usage: Utility Vehicle, Personnel Transporter, Primary Air Bottle Storage

Brush 58

Manufacturer: 1985 General Motors
Chassis: Chevrolet K-30 1-Ton
Engine: 6.2 Liter GM Diesel
Pump: Slide in Brush Pump
Tank: 130 Gallon Slide in Tank with Brush Pump
Misc.: Brush Fire and Traffic Control Equipment, Aero Stick for Traffic Control 

Command 58

Manufacturer: Toyota

ATV 58


Manufacturer: Yamaha

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