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The Town of Binghamton Fire Company utilizes 9 different Apparatus in our operations, below are details regarding each apparatus.
Engine 58-1 & Engine 58-2


These 2017 Toyne Engines on Freightliner Chassis are our go-to Engines. These replaced our Twin 1994 Freighliners.


Manufacturer: New Lexington

Chassis: 2016 Freightliner M2 106
Engine:  Cummins diesel
Pump: Darley LDM 1,750 GPM
Tank: 1000 gallon UPF, L-shaped
Misc.: FRC LED Brow and Scene Lighting, Zico ladder and suction hose racks.

Tanker 58-1 & Tanker 58-2
Originally purchased in 1988, these trucks were refurbished in 2004.


Manufacturer: 4-Guys 
Chassis: 1988 Mack 
Engine: 350-Horsepower Mack Diesel
Pump: 450 GPM Hale
Tank: 2100 Gallon Poly Tank 
Misc.: 2100 Gallon Portable Pond, 750 GPM CET Portable Pump

Squad 58
Purchased in 2004. This truck runs out of Station 3 and carries our Hydraulic tools, cribing, and our large Positive Pressure Ventalation fan.


Manufacturer: 4-Guys
Chassis: 2004 Ford F-750
Engine: Cat C7 
Pump: 1250 Darley
Tank: 500 Gallon
Misc.: Hydrualic Cutters, Spreaders, and Ram

Usage: Rescue and Water Supply

Brush 58-3


Manufacturer: 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab 4x4 Pickup
Engine: 5.4 Liter V-8 Gas Enginer
Usage: Utility Vehicle, Personnel Transporter, Primary Air Bottle Storage

Brush 58-1

Manufacturer: 1985 General Motors
Chassis: Chevrolet K-30 1-Ton
Engine: 6.2 Liter GM Diesel
Pump: Slide in Brush Pump
Tank: 130 Gallon Slide in Tank with Brush Pump
Misc.: Brush Fire and Traffic Control Equipment, Aero Stick for Traffic Control 

ATV 58


Manufacturer: Yamaha

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